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No better time than the present

About a year ago I started this journey to building my photography business. After working 20+ years in various industries, completing my degree, getting married and having 3 children, I decided it was finally “the right time” to start my own photography business. The thing is, there is NO SUCH THING as the right time.

I recall talking to my husband about the right time to start our family, the right time to go back to school and complete my degree, the right time to have our 2nd and much, much later our 3rd child… and then about a year ago, the right time to quit my job of 16 years, and start my own business. Each time we had this discussion, about “the right time”, we would laugh (mostly out of fear) at all the obstacles and challenges before us, and think “we must be completely nuts…”

Maybe we were…. nuts, but all good things happen to those who believe – and I’ll add, work hard and have support. Deciding to start, and then continue growing our family, buying our first home, jumping back into school to complete my BA, and building my own business, those were all big (HUGE) life decisions. The type of decisions that needed a lot of consideration, support and love. I didn’t just come up with the answers of how, why, and when on my own. I looked to my husband, my parents, my close friends, and my mentors for their words of wisdom, to learn from their experiences and listen to their stories. Listening and doing a lot of prayer, that’s what helped me to make the decisions, right or wrong.

Ultimately, the big decisions in my life turned out to be the best blessings of my life. I cannot imagine my life without my husband, my 3 boys, my work and school experiences, and my last year building

my business. I heard it said once, “if you always do the same thing, you’ll always be in the same place.” I’m a living testament to that. For years I felt stuck. Stuck with my situation, stuck in my job, or place or station. Making the difficult decisions I was scared to make caused a lot of change in my life and a lot of surprises as well. Wonderful surprises, and I pray, more are still ahead.

So, I hope you will join me in saying -THERE IS NO RIGHT TIME, to recharge your life. Whatever that means for you, just do it!! Try that new class, go on that vacation, make that phone call, re-connect and take that leap. Start the life you always wanted. Make the big decisions and see what happens next. I hope you will have many surprises, learning experiences, and blessings in life. I enjoy reflecting on this last year and look forward to what's before me and the adventure yet to come.

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