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About Me

Hi! I'm so happy to welcome you to Bellamode Photography & Design. My name is Angela Panosh. I'm a photographer, graphic designer and marketing specialist. I've been exploring and creating photography and visual art for over 16 years, with emphasis on portrait photography and visual communications.


I am passionate about capturing all the beauty I see around me every day and creating a beautiful work of art- something worthy of hanging on the wall. Whether it's standing before a breath-taking scene along the shores of Lake Michigan or photographing a couple little cuties full of giggles and spirit- I have to get that shot. There is nothing more exciting afterwards than sharing my  images with others and seeing them light up with delight.   


Wall art and portraiture is only special when it means something to those who view it. That's why my clients will always receive portraiture that is special, memorable and ready to hang up on a wall. l take the guess work and stress out of the printing, ordering and entire framing process- I do it all for my clients and make it sure it's done right.  Quality, satisfaction and making those special connections with my clients is important to me- and they deserve the best. 

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Thanks for reaching out to me!

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